Vintage Style Glass Barrels (3 sizes)


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Needing a large glass container to store flour for your breadmaking? Do you make your own gluten free flour and need an airtight container for storage? Are you like me and use lots of shredded coconut in your baking? Or, do you prefer bulk shopping for your dry goods? If this sounds like you, then you are going to love our vintage style glass barrels. These make great cookie jars too!


  • Threaded screw tight lid
  • 8.5 cm opening mouth diameter
  • 18 cm barrel width
  • Pretty ribbed detail on the sides of the barrels making them a great vase option too!

These glass storage containers are the biggest we stock.

Sizes (height and approx. volume to base of neck):

  • Small - 18 cm, 3 L
  • Medium - 21 cm, 3.75 L
  • Large - 26 cm, 4.6 L

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