Preloved Assorted Weck Jars WITHOUT Lids


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These are preloved jars only, no lids.

We acquired a large quantity of Weck jars from a couple who had brought these over to NZ from Germany about 9 years ago. The jars were mostly never used but as we cannot be sure of their history, we are calling them preloved. Due to chips or breakages of the lids, we were left with a number of jars that don't have lids.

These are in as new condition and are an excellent option for those who are intending to use the jars with the plastic Keep Fresh lids or wooden lids.

We currently have the following options:

  • 80mL Mini Mold Jar (code 080) - use with a small (S) lid
  • 290mL Mold Jar (code 740)  use with a large (L) lid
  • 290mL Tall Mold Jar (code 900)  - use with a medium (M) lid
  • 580mL Mold Jar (code 742)  - use with a large (L) lid
  • 850mL Mold Jar (code 743)  - use with a large (L) lid

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