Agee Special Preserving Jar - 500 mL (Wide Mouth)


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PLEASE NOTE: We currently have Agee jars with Agee lids and bands and some Agee jars with Ball lids and bands on them due to a fault with the Agee lids and bands and being unable to get replacement parts at this time.

You are able to select from either option.

The Ball lids and bands work great on these jars and are a good option for those who prefer the consistent quality of Ball products.


The Agee Special 500mL preserving jar will remind many of you of your kitchen as a child. This size is excellent for bottled fruits, sauces, pickles, relishes and chutneys. It has a two-piece lid system consisting of a sealing cap/lid and screw band.

The 500mL Agee jars feature:

  • Suitable for both water bath and pressure canning
  • Wide mouth size opening (compatible with Ball wide mouth lids and bands)
  • Includes lids and screw bands
  • Embossed detail on the front
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free sealing lid

Approx. jar dimensions (without lid and band attached):

  • Height - TBA
  • Opening inner diameter - 75 mm
  • Opening outer diameter at rim - 80 mm

You have the option of purchasing these singly or as full trays of 12 jars (with a bulk discount already applied).

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