GoodLife Metal Lids (Ball and Agee Compatible)


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The GoodLife metal lids are compatible with Ball and recent production Agee wide mouth jars (Agee Special) - please note that these lids may not fit some of the vintage Agee jars due to incompatibility with the thread. They also fit other standard 86 mm preserving jars (the 86 mm diameter includes the opening and thread) including some Bormioli Rocco Quattro Stagioni jars.

You can use them with these jars as a convenient one-piece full lid rather than the two-pieces that Ball and Agee jars have. 

The BPA free seal used on the underside of the lid makes them suitable for preserving. They are best used with high sugar or acidic preserves that don't require a water bath or pressure heat processing such as jams, bottled fruit in syrups and pickles.

These work well for bottling when using the hot fill or overflow method.

Not suitable for use in a water bath or pressure canner.

Perfect for use in the pantry.

12 lids per pack.