Water Kefir Grains Starter Kit


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This Water Kefir Grains starter kit will have you well on your way to enjoying fermented kefir beverages full of live probiotic bacteria. Water kefir is easy and inexpensive to make at home and gives you a lovely sparkling probiotic drink. You can use these grains to make different flavoured drinks including coconut kefir and the grains will multiply and last indefinitely with a little care.

The water kefir starter kit includes:

  • 15g pack of dehydrated non-GMO water kefir grains
  • silicone airlock lid and stainless steel band to fit Ball wide mouth mason jars
  • recipe, instruction and care booklet

The kit doesn't include glass jars or bottles. We recommend the Ball wide mouth quart mason jar for the rehydration of the kefir grains step and the Ball wide mouth half gallon mason jar for the fermentation.