Eco Max Nonstick Pan Dish Brush


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The Eco Max Nonstick Pan Dish Brush is the perfect environmentally friendly option for cleaning your non stick or delicate kitchen items. Ethically handmade in Sri Lanka using 100% natural sisal fibres, these brushes won't pollute our waterways or landfills.

The sisal bristles are a medium strength natural vegetable fibre which are not abrasive.

Made from:

  • Unbleached sisal bristles sourced from Agrave Sisalana cactus
  • Galvanised wire so it will never rust
  • Sustainable timber
  • Cotton cord for hanging

Caring for your dish brush: Wash in warm soapy water and rinse after use then place in your dish rack or hang to dry.

End of life: This biodegradable brush can be disposed of in your home compost bin and will naturally break down with time. You will eventually be left with a small piece of galvanised steel which you can pull out of your compost and recycle.

Eco Max is a brand of Import Ants, Australia who are an endorsed fair trader. Ethically handmade in Sri Lanka complying to the 10 fair trade principles. Registered with the Vegan Society.

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