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Kiwi Family Kitchen offers a handpicked range of high quality glass jars for home canning, fermentation and food storage. It's important to us that our jars will not let you down so we only offer brands which we know well and love. Along with glass jars, we offer a range of traditional kitchen items to help you reduce food waste and live more sustainably. We are here to help you get back to basics in the kitchen and live life more simply. Enjoy stress-free online shopping with our easy returns policy.

Practical tips for reducing food waste NZ
Practical tips for reducing food waste

by Kylie Foster November 21, 2022

Food waste never feels good. If you are struggling with food waste or know you could tighten this up further, this blog post is for you. When change is required, the least overwhelming way to start is to just pick one thing, get that sorted and embedded as a habit and then add in another positive step. Here are my top tips for reducing food waste.
Why I preserve food and why you might like to also
Why I preserve food and why you might like to also

by Kylie Foster September 21, 2022

Have you been thinking about preserving food? Or are you already somewhere along your food preservation journey and have been reflecting on your why? Are you concerned about food security and thinking about prepping? In this blog post I share my whys... why I preserve food and why you might like to also.
Savoury Plum Sauce Recipe NZ
Savoury Plum Sauce Recipe

by Kylie Foster March 10, 2022

This savoury plum sauce is super easy to make and is a great way to use excess plums. It has good flavour and works really well with meats. You can add it to stir fries, use as a marinade or to baste chicken drumsticks and other meats, or use it as a dipping sauce for meats, wontons and spring rolls. 
Peach BBQ Sauce Recipe NZ
Peach BBQ Sauce Recipe

by Kylie Foster February 17, 2022

This tasty sauce has heat from fresh chilli and mustard, sweet and fruity notes from peaches and a bit of tang from vinegar. It is delicious paired with chicken and fish.