Ezidri Snackmaster FD500 Digital Dehydrator


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The Ezidri Snackmaster FD500 Digital Dehydrator is the perfect option for smaller kitchens or those wanting to process smaller batches. Even with its smaller size, this premium dehydrator is powerful, offers fast and even drying and is extremely flexible - you can use up to 15 trays in this unit with no need to rotate trays as would be required in other dehydrators.

These dehydrators can be controlled to operate between 30 - 60oC allowing a wide range of food products to be dried, from delicate herbs to more robust meats for biltong and jerky. The round trays are no issue for making fruit leathers, simply roll them up as you remove them from the trays. Whether you are wanting to dry mushrooms, meat, bananas, apple slices, marshmallows (it's a thing!), herbs or a whole host of other fruits and vegetables, you will find this dehydrator suitable for the job.


  • Tray diameter of 34 cm.
  • Variable temperature control from 30 - 60oC using the digital display. 
  • 1 - 24h digital timer
  • Unique heated airflow pattern which forces air horizontally across each tray resulting in fast, even drying.
  • Anti-rehydration feature which reverts the temperature back to 30oC when the drying time is complete. This stops the dried foods from rehydrating before you are able to get them into airtight containers.
  • 500 Watts (these dehydrators operate less than 50% of the drying time).
  • 230-340V AC, 50Hz.
  • Expandable up to 15 trays.
  • Made from food grade ABS plastic (base, trays and lid), polycarbonate (base cover) and propylene, all of which are BPA free. These food-safe plastics do not emits harmful fumes.
  • Thermal cutouts on both the element and motors as safety features.
  • Two year warranty

Included with your dehydrator are:

  • 5x trays
  • 1x solid sheet to use for roll ups, purees, meals and soups
  • 1x mesh sheet to use for small, sticky or delicate items
  • Instruction and recipe book

The Ezidri Snackmaster FD500 is expandable up to 15 trays. Additional trays, solid sheets and mesh sheets are available for purchase so you can customise the dehydrator to work well for you. Spacer rings are also available if you have bulkier produce or long stem flowers to dehydrate.

Ezidri are designed and developed here in NZ by Hydraflow Industries NZ Ltd who have over 40 years experience making dehydrators.

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