Nik Schmitt Fermentation Crocks (2 sizes)


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These hand crafted fermentation crocks will find pride of place in your kitchen. Made in Germany, these glazed clay crocks are both strong but light.

Each crock includes two ceramic stones (a 2-piece ceramic stone set) which are used to keep the contents weighted down under the brine and the specially designed water moat around the crock rim provides an airtight seal whilst still allowing fermentation gases to be released.

These stoneware crocks and weight stones are free from heavy metals including lead and cadmium.

These Nik Schmitt fermentation crocks are available in two sizes, 3 and 5L. This is the working capacity of the crock but the actual crock itself is slightly larger so there is space for the stone weights.

Crock sizes (volume, diameter x height):

  • 3L - 20 x 20 cm
  • 5L - 27 x 38 cm

Colour: Brown

Use and care of your fermentation crock:

  • Always ensure the pot, cover and stones are clean prior to use. Wipe, brush or hose down and leave to air dry. The glazed crock will not absorb water or odours.
  • Prepare your vegetables as per your favourite recipe. Place the prepared vegetables into the crock up to 4/5 of the total height and pour over the brine to 4-5cm above the height of the vegetables. You can add the vegetables little but little, pounding and added salt as you go or prepare the vegetables in a separate bowl then fill up your crock. Don't overfill your crock as you need space for the stones.
  • Layered cabbage leaves can provide a good cover on top of the vegetables for which the stone weights can be placed. This helps to stop pieces of vegetables rising up to the top of the brine. You should have 2.5-5cm of brine above your stones so add more if needed.
  • Put the lid in place and fill the moat up with water. The moat will make your crock air tight so be sure to make sure this is always full (you will need to add more water from time to time).
  • Leave your crock undisturbed at room temperature for 8-10 days. After this time, move it to a cooler, dark place for 4-8 weeks.
  • As needed, remove your fermented vegetables from the crock and store in an airtight container in the fridge. Avoid regular opening of the crock.

Made in Germany