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It's time to say goodbye to sponges and paper towels. Spruce Dish Cloths are the perfect substitute, in fact they work even better, and are home compostable too! We have lots of great designs available so you are sure to find something to suit your style or to use in different areas of your home.

Spruce Cloths are made in Sweden from cellulose (from sustainably sourced wood) and cotton. These are the original Swedish dish cloths printed with water based inks. 

17 x 20 cm

What's so great about these Swedish cloths?

  • Extremely durable and should last you approx. 9-12 months.
  • They are super absorbent meaning they will leave your bench tops and stainless steel virtually streak free. They can hold up to 15x their weight in water!
  • They dry quickly so don't easily become a breeding ground for microorganisms which cause traditional dish cloths to smell and be unhygienic.
  • Easy care, just wash in your dishwasher or washing machine.
  • Made from natural materials (cellulose and cotton), these should break down within a few months in your home compost.
  • Perfect for use for general cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom, dusting, and washing windows, mirrors and glassware.

All designs are by local New Zealand artists:

  • Bikes Lime, Leopard, Monstera, Oranges, Paper Planes, Pohutukawa, Red Flower and Strawberry by The Green Collective
  • Cats and Cheetah by Sophie Holt, Studio Soph
  • Cactus, Green Orb, Kowhai, Mustard Flower and XOXO by Bec Brown, Clouds of Colour
  • Pacifica, Pot Plants and Spring by Georgina Hoby Scutt, Belle Hawk
  • All Is Connected, Flowerhood and Tuliptopia by Elizabeth Olwen. Proceeds from the sale of these designs support My Climate which funds climate change research.
  • Coral & Kina by Catherine Marion, Folklore & Flora. Proceeds from the sale of this design supports Chasing Coral
  • Cockatoo by Evie Kemp
  • Produce and Zen by Kyla Kuziarski, Kyla K Design
  • Bees and Snapper by Greg Straight. Proceeds from the sale of the Bees design supports Trees for Bees NZ and the Snapper design supports Sustainable Coastlines.
  • Blooming, Retro Flower March, Weaving Flowers and Save The Animals by Fabric Drawer. Proceeds from the sale of Save The Animals supports the RSPCA.
  • Butterfly and Monty by Crissie Rodda
  • Spring Tulip by Lemonni
  • Calm by Maiko Nagao
  • Flowerheart and Looking Below by Claire Ritchie
  • Fan Feathers by The Tiny Garden
  • Mushroom by Jessica Rozencwajg
  • Harvest and Native Flora by Shuh Lee
  • Peace and Flowers For You by Jane Foster

These dish cloths do not come with any additional packaging for you to dispose of aside from a small product sticker on the back of the cloth.

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