Super Spruce Dish Cloths


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The Super Spruce Dish Cloths are ready for your big jobs. These are much bigger in size than the regular Spruce cloths and great for cleaning floors and mopping up big spills.

These are made in Sweden from cellulose (from sustainably sourced wood) and cotton and printed with water based inks. These cloths are home compostable so they can be returned to the earth after serving you well.

26 x 30 cm

Why do we love these large compostable dish cloths?

  • Super absorbent meaning they will leave your bench tops and stainless steel virtually streak free. Brilliant on windows.
  • They can hold up to 15x their weight in water so are perfect for those big spills.
  • Extremely durable and should last you approx. 9-12 months or longer depending on the amount of use they get.
  • Quick to dry making them much more hygienic than a standard dish cloth.
  • Easy care, wash in your dishwasher or washing machine.
  • Made from natural materials, these should break down within a few months in your home compost.
  • Great for the big jobs!

The Super Spruce cloth comes without any additional packaging and only a small product sticker on the back which can be easily removed before first use.

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