Venecian Market Basket with Charcoal Handles


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The Venecian Market Basket with Charcoal Handles is both stylish and practical. It has 60 cm long rounded handles which provide extra comfort whether you are carrying in your hand or have over your shoulder. This deluxe market basket has a woven rim and base (this helps it from falling over) and the leather handles are double stitched in place providing extra strength. 

The current baskets have black handles.

These baskets are handmade using traditional methods where strips of fallen palm fronds are handwoven and then sewn together in rounds.

Being a handmade product, you can expect some variation in measurements.

Please note that additional stitching is now used in place of the rivets shown.

Approx. dimensions: 50 cm L x 32 cm W x 32 cm H

Made in Morocco.