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Weck Cylinder Jars are a good shape for preserving green beans, asparagus and other vegetables. A good option for freezing stock and soup. We love these as storage containers with a wooden lid too.

Jars come with the glass lids shown only.

Please note:

  • Clamps and rubber rings are not included
  • Clamps and rubber rings are required for home canning and need to be purchased separately

For food storage, you may prefer to use the Weck wooden lid or Keep Fresh lid. The Keep Fresh lids are recommended for fridge or freezer storage.

Weck Cylinder Jar features:

  • Made in Germany and embossed with the Weck strawberry logo
  • Wide mouth opening for easy filling
  • Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe
  • BPA free and no plastic in contact with the food
  • Flat base and lid for easy stacking in storage
  • No parts that will rust

Available sizes with dimensions and lid fitting sizes (code for jar given in brackets):

  • 340 mL (code 975) - 130 mm high, 70 mm outer diameter, uses small lid fittings (size 60)
  • 597 mL (code 905) - 210 mm high, 70 mm outer diameter, uses small lid fittings (size 60)
  • 1040 mL (code 908) - 210 mm high, 90 mm outer diameter, uses medium lid fittings (size 80)
  • 1590 mL (code 974) - 210 mm high, 110 mm outer diameter, uses large lid fittings (size 100)

Purchase the Cylinder Jars singly or as full trays. All full tray purchases qualify for a bulk discount which is already reflected in the pricing shown. Full tray purchases are great as the well designed box is fantastic for storing the jars when not in use.

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