Weighted Fermentation Jar Kits (2 sizes)


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These weighted fermentation jar kits are perfect for those who prefer to ferment in glass and be able to see what is happening. Each kit contains a Le Parfait Super Terrine jar, in either 750ML or 1L capacity, and a 2-piece fermentation stone set. These stones fit perfectly inside these jars and are used to weigh down your vegetables and keep them under the brine. 

The natural rubber seal creates an airtight environment and the hinged lid is able to release built up pressure as required. Do not fear, your jar will not explode!

These kits are perfect for small batches of sauerkraut, kimchi and other fermented vegetables. Once ready, they become the perfect airtight jars in the fridge.

Jar sizes (volume, diameter x height):

  • 750 mL - 114 x 137 mm
  • 1 L - 114 x 172 mm

The Le Parfait jars are made in France and the stones are made in Germany.