Black Spruce Cloths (2 dish cloths)


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Wanting a durable, highly absorbent dish cloth that is stain resistant and good for the environment? The black Spruce cloths are perfect for you!

These are identical to our popular patterned Spruce cloths but are a single colour.

These cloths are made in Sweden from cellulose (from sustainably sourced wood) and cotton. These are the original Swedish dish cloths printed with water based inks. 

17 x 20 cm

2 dish cloths per pack

What's so great about these Swedish cloths?

  • Extremely durable and should last you approx. 9-12 months.
  • They are super absorbent meaning they will leave your bench tops and stainless steel virtually streak free. They can hold up to 15x their weight in water!
  • They dry quickly so don't easily become a breeding ground for microorganisms which cause traditional dish cloths to smell and be unhygienic.
  • Easy care, just wash in your dishwasher or washing machine.
  • Made from natural materials (cellulose and cotton), these should break down within a few months in your home compost.
  • Perfect for use for general cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom, dusting, and washing windows, mirrors and glassware.

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