Digby Law's Soup (Digby Law)


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Digby Law's recipes are loved and used in kitchens everywhere. This collection of over 300 soups, stocks, garnishes and accompaniments has all your favourites and more. From a classic borsch or bouillabaisse to the more exotic Turkish wedding soup, this is your one-stop reference for delicious and wholesome meals.

Digby Law was a chef, food writer and broadcaster whose cookery books helped change the way New Zealanders approached food and eating. With a passion for fresh ingredients and simple recipes his cookbooks deserve a place in every kitchen.

There are over 300 recipes which are grouped as follows:

  • stocks
  • light soups
  • meat soups
  • poultry soups
  • vegetable soups
  • seafood soups
  • chilled soups
  • dried bean, pea and lentil soups
  • herb soups
  • cheese soups
  • fruit soups
  • nut and seed soups
  • french terms and soups
  • herbs and spices
  • soup garnishes
  • soup accompaniments

Title: Digby Law's Soup

Author: Digby Law

Publisher: Hachette New Zealand

ISBN: 978-1-86971-103-0

Format: Paperback

Length: 235 pages

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