GoodLife Preserving Jars - 500mL (2pc wide mouth)


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These beautiful 500mL preserving jars by GoodLife are not only beautiful with their piwakawaka / fantail embossing but also perfect for all of your preserving needs.

These jars perform well in both a water bath and pressure canner and you'll be happy with their performance if you use the overflow method too.

This 500mL size is good for jams, pickles, relishes, fruits, broth, vegetables and meats.


  • Standard wide mouth opening
  • Two piece metal preserving dome seals (lids) and bands (rings) included
  • BPA free seals
  • Squared sides with measurements of cups, mL and oz
  • Suitable for the overflow (open kettle) method, water bath and pressure canning
  • Compatible with standard wide mouth (86 mm including thread) Ball, Agee Special, Kilner, and Quattro Stagioni lids


  • 100 mm diameter at widest point x 110 mm height
  • 500 mL capacity

Usually only available as full trays, we are happy to be able to offer these singly too for those who want smaller quantities of jars.

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