The Sourdough School Sweet Baking (Vanessa Kimbell)


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The benefits of sourdough are well known - the slow fermentation process creates a healthier and lighter dough that is easier to digest - but until now they have been largely confined to bread. In this ground-breaking new book, Vanessa Kimbell focuses on sweet sourdough bakes that not only nourish the gut but also improve your mood.

Using a variety of flours, including chestnut, spelt and einkorn, as well as blends you can make up yourself, the classic recipes and new ideas for flavour combinations cover everything from cakes, tarts and biscuits, to doughnuts, brioche and pretzels, and rely on natural sweetness wherever possible.

Recipes include Morello Cherry Shortbread, Chocolate, Tangerine & Pistachio Cakes, Carrot & Walnut Cake, Doughnuts and Mille-feuille as well as vinegars, compotes, cultured creams, butters and ghee. There is even Chocolate, Almond & Hazelnut Spread and Sourdough Vanilla Ice Cream. 

Vanessa also explains how sourdough helps to maintain the health and diversity of your gut microbiome. From understanding the benefits of having diversity in your diet to the amazing work of enzymes, this book is about understanding the connection between our food, gut microbiome and the potential impact on our mental health. New studies are unveiling links between the microorganisms in our gut and our mood and behaviour, and Vanessa is at the forefront of this research.

This book is organised as follows:

  • Introduction
  • The gut microbiome & mood
  • Diversity
  • Eating symbiotically
  • The sourdough process
  • The recipes
  • Equipment

'This book is a much-needed, unique and very practical guide to how you can use the new knowledge of the gut microbes to improve your health as well as developing and expanding your skills in the kitchen.' Tim Spector

    Title: The Sourdough School Sweet Baking

    Author: Vanessa Kimbell

    Publisher: Kyle Books

    ISBN: 978-0-85783-576-5

    Format: Hardback

    Length: 191 pages

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