The Sourdough School (Vanessa Kimbell)


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At her renowned Sourdough School, Vanessa Kimbell has taught countless students the secrets of this uniquely healthy bread, including a course on Nutrition and Digestibility of Bread that has been accredited by the Royal College of General Practitioners. Now she has compiled her teachings so you can achieve the delicious crust and addictive tang of a sourdough load at home.

After creating your starter and mastering essential techniques, you'll progress to using alternative grains and learning to control flavour to produce loaves such as Miso & sesame and Chocolate & roasted hazelnut. Illustrated with beautiful photography throughout, including detailed step-by-steps, this is an indispensable guide to the timeless craft of artisan baking.

This book is organised as follows:

  • My sourdough story
  • How to use this book
  • What is sourdough?
  • Ingredients
  • The foundations of your load
  • Schedule
  • Step by step
  • Formulas (this is where you'll find all of the beautiful recipes)
  • Digestibility & nutrition
  • Breadmaking equipment
  • Resources

'Master the art of sourdough with Vanessa and you will learn how to look after your own gut microbes and health.' - Tim Spector, author of The Diet Myth

    Title: The Sourdough School

    Author: Vanessa Kimbell

    Publisher: Kyle Books

    ISBN: 978-0-85783-366-2

    Format: Hardback

    Length: 208 pages