Waters Co Bio 400 Bench Top Water Filter (5.25 Litres) - White (contact us to order)


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The Waters Co Bio 400 Bench Top Water Filter is the same size as the Bio 500 but comes with white housing. It is a good size for the home and smaller workplaces. It is a complete gravity-fed bench top system which isn't plumbed in and doesn't require electricity. You simply add water to the top and great tasting alkaline mineral water comes out the bottom via a chrome tap.

Waters Co is based in Hong Kong and has over 30 years of history making bench top water filtration systems. 

Waters Co Bio 400 offers high levels of fluoride removal - up to 99% removal.

Size: 5.25 Litre glass reservoir capacity


  • Hand blown blue glass reservoir made from silica
  • BPA free and non leeching plastic housing
  • Solid chrome tap
  • Turns tap water into great tasting alkaline mineral water with a pH between 7.4 - 8.5
  • Patented nano carbon compound for removing up to 99% fluoride. This is a natural ion exchange cation resin.
  • 13 stages of filtration and activation across 6 multi-stage cartridges
  • Sub micron pre filter removes dirt, sediments, rust, bacteria and high levels of copper. This filter helps to extend the life of the subsequent filters.
  • 1st stage carbon resin filter removes fluoride, chlorine, trihalomethanes, pesticides, heavy metals and  bacteria
  • Main mineral filter removes fluoride, chlorine, trihalomethanes, pesticides, heavy metals and bacteria while adding natural trace minerals from coral and silica sands
  • Bio ceramic pot is made from kiln fired silver ionised coral, silica and mineral sands adding natural trace minerals to water. The bio ceramic pot activates the filtered water keeping it fresh and preventing bacteria from propagating in the system.
  • Far infrared diskette helps to balance the pH to slightly alkaline
  • Sub mineral cartridge sits inside the glass bowl and adds organic germanium and over 60 bio organic trace minerals to the water helping to keep it fresh and tasting good.
  • Magnets on the tap which ionises and magnetises the water


This kit comes with all the filters you will need for at least 3 years of use (12,000 L of water). Replacement filters are available after this time.

There are 6 different filter packs used in the system. The quantities included and expected lifespans are as follows (please note that this is variable based on usage and water quality - usage is based on an average of 8 L per day):

  • Pre filter (white pad), 80 included, replace every 14 days
  • 1st stage filter, 6 included, replace every 6 months
  • Main mineral filter, 2 included, replace every 18 months
  • Sub mineral filter, 1 included, replace every 36 months
  • Somelite (far infrared) diskette, 1 included, considered semi permanent
  • Bio ceramic bowl, 1 included, considered semi permanent


Your system will need some routine cleaning every 3 months. Take the pot apart and wash with warm, soapy water then rinse throughly. Turn the filters upside down and backwash under cold running water; use a soft brush to clean both ends of the filters. Use pipe cleaners to clean the inside of the tap.

Weight and Dimensions:

  • 5.06 kg
  • 233 mm diameter x 385 mm height


Lifetime limited warranty applies to the plastic parts and housing, glass reservoir and chrome tap. Please activate the warranty using the warranty registration form included with your Bio 400 system. 

Filters are covered by manufacturer warranty. Please note that the filter usage life is not covered as water quality may vary greatly from region to region.


  • Some assembly is required.
  • Please follow the NZ installation instructions contained in the box and refer to the install and flush instructional video for further guidance. The video also shows how to remove the bracket so you can change the pre filter pad.