Absolute Essential Busy Lifestyle Essentials (Organic)

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The Absolute Essential Busy Lifestyle Essentials pack contains three beautiful oils, Stress Less, Dream Time & Brain Power, in a lovely handmade artisan gift box. These plant oils help the mind to focus, be productive and calm. 

Natural, plant based, organic, vegan, fair trade and cruelty free.

Included Essential Oils

Brain Power (organic) Pure Blend 10mL

This blend has refreshing, stimulating qualities that can help rouse the mind and senses when you want to promote sharp thinking, recall and wakefulness. Energising & revitalising to support mental clarity & focus. Includes: Basil, Rosemary Cineol, Bergamot, Cardamon.

Dream Time (organic) Pure Blend 10mL

This blend brings a synergy of relaxing, comforting essential oil aromas to promote full release when the time comes for deep restorative sleep.Ease yourself into deep, restful sleep. Includes: Marjoram French, Lavender True, Chamomile Roman, Mandarin.

Stress Less (organic) Pure Blend 10mL

This blend has properties to help calm the nervous system and reduce anxiety, away from overdrive into more focused and relaxed attention. Energising & revitalising to support mental clarity & focus. Includes: Basil, Rosemary Cineol, Bergamot, Cardamon.

Size: 3x 10 mL


Anxiety & Nervous Energy

Stress Less (organic) works as a nerve tonic by supporting a return to healthy balance. It has calming and relaxing properties, can be used as a rescue response in times of tension and worry. Ideal to diffuse in workspace, for restorative bath or to pulse points.

Enhanced Restorative Sleep

Dream Time (organic) with the full-power, relaxing properties of pure, organic essential oils like Lavender and Chamomile Roman, this blend gently works active molecules through the body to support deep sleep process. Best for bath or diffused in the bedroom, or to pulse points for broken sleep.


Brain Power (organic) contains active essential oils to help clarify the mind, enhance recall and promote inner calm. Diffuse or place on tissue and inhale to accompany study, work and projects. Repeat to enhance recall during presentations and exams.


In different ways, each blend supports the body's innate capacity for calm and relaxation, to help you enjoy the benefits of greater natural energy and positivity.


Diffusion: 5-15 drops (d), replenish as required.

Inhalation: 2-3 drop to collar or pillow.

Bath: 5-10 drops as water runs.

Massage: 10 drops to 1 tsp of carrier.

Pulse Points: 1 drop to back of neck and wrists.

Safety Considerations: 

SAFETY: Safe if applied as directed. If ingested: drink milk, consult a health specialist. Avoid contact with eyes: flush with water. Keep out of reach of children.

Please note: 

Therapeutic plant oils are used to support natural body process for optimum health and wellbeing. The information here is NOT meant as recommendation for cure of any medical condition or disease.

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