Fermented Foods for Health (Deirdre Rawlings)


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Fermented Foods for Health by Deirdre Rawlings contains 75 delicious recipes showing readers how to ferment everything from meats to vegetables, fruits, and dairy and how to utilise each of them for specific health benefits.

As far back as recorded history, humans have eaten fermented foods. While fermented foods may have ancient roots, they are emerging as today's powder foods for incredible heath and nutrition. Fermented foods have shown to be beneficial for a number of health conditions including candida overgrowth, IBS and digestive difficulties, sugar/carb cravings, and other inflammatory disorders. What's more, science is starting to show that our modern life-style of completely eschewing bacteria via pasteurised foods, hand sanitisers, disinfectants, and antibiotics is actually making us more, not less, susceptible to illness and allergies. Regular inclusion of fermented foods in the diet naturally combats bad bacteria and strengthens the immune system.
Fermented Foods for Health includes meal plans of fermented foods for addressing specific ailments and repairing the metabolism. Seventy-five delicious recipes show readers how to ferment everything from meats to vegetables, fruits, and dairy- and how to utilize each of them for specific health benefits such as balancing the body's PH, increasing enzyme production, and strengthening immunity.
A sample of the recipes included:
  • Anti-inflammatory apple and juniper berry kraut
  • Antioxidant-richasparagusspears
  • Enzyme-rich tomatillo and mint salsa
  • Digestive pineapplechutney
  • Fibre-filled fig and apricot honey butter
  • Probiotic berry-good-for-you-jam
  • Symbiotic sourdough pancakes
  • Easily digestible pizza dough
  • Immune-building miso soup with tofu

    Title: Fermented Foods for Health

    Author: Deirdre Rawlings

    Publisher: Quarto US

    ISBN: 9781592335527

    Format: Paperback

    Length: 208 pages

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