Le Parfait Familia Wiss Terrine Jars - 1500 mL


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The 1500 mL Le Parfait Familia Wiss Terrine jar is the biggest jar in this range. It's a great glass storage container for your pantry or for storing bulk nuts and seeds in your fridge. An option for preserving large volumes of stocks and juices too. 

The Familia Wiss Terrines are uniquely French mason jars. The two-piece closure includes a sealing cap (equivalent to what we call a lid for Ball mason jars) and full screw lid (this is equivalent to a screw band but is a full lid). The full lid has a dome shaped centre which aligns with a dome shape in the centre of the sealing cap - together this helps to place the sealing cap on the jar evenly and holds it in place during heat treatment. The full lid should be removed once the jar and contents are cool after preserving. The full lid can be used later once the jar has been opened.

The Familia Wiss Terrine jars all have wide openings and straight sides which taper slightly from top to bottom making them easy to fill and turn out product. 

These high quality jars are suitable for both water bath and pressure canning.

Sealing caps are intended for one use when preserving food. The full screw lids can be used over and over again.

Replacement sealing caps are available.

Size: 1500 mL preserving volume / 1610 mL overflow volume

Replacement sealing cap size: 110 mm

Le Parfait Familia Wiss Terrine Jars (1.5 L) features:

  • Made in Auvergne, France
  • Wide openings for easy filling
  • Straight sides with slight taper towards the bottom
  • Heavy duty tempered glass jars
  • Sealing caps and full screw lid are made from tin-plated steel in a gold finish
  • Underside of the cap is coated in a food-safe, BPA free plastisol liner
  • Suitable for both water bath and pressure canning
  • Freezer safe (leave an appropriate headspace and use the screw lid)
  • Full screw lid used to seal open jars
  • Clean design with lots of clear space for labels
  • Wide lids allowing for easy stacking and storage
  • Dishwasher safe but best to hand wash the caps and lids and leave to air dry (this will maintain the lustre)

Approx. jar dimensions:

  • 213 mm height
  • 116 mm diameter at widest point

These jars are available to purchase singly or as a full tray of 6x 1500mL jars. All full tray purchases have a bulk discount applied (as per the pricing shown). 

As distributors of the Le Parfait range in New Zealand, please get in touch if you are a business interested in stocking Le Parfait.


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