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The 3 L Le Parfait Super Jars are the ultimate pantry storage containers! Also great for big batches of fermented foods and drinks. Or, make up a big batch of your favourite beverage to enjoy on a warm summers day. The rubber rings and clamp top lids make them air tight and leak proof.

The curved shape of the Super jars helps to avoid spills with preserves containing a lot of liquid.

Suitable for both water bath and pressure canning.

Each jar comes with the wire hinge and rubber ring. Replacement rubber rings are available.

Size: 3000 mL preserving volume / 3200 mL overflow capacity

Replacement rubber ring size: 100 mm

3L Le Parfait Super Jar features:

  • Made in France and embossed with the Le Parfait logo across the front and the volume and max fill line (preserving) on the back
  • Suitable for both water bath and pressure canning
  • Clean design with lots of clear space for labels
  • Wide lids allowing for easy stacking and storage
  • Easy opening and tight, secure closing
  • BPA free and no plastic in contact with the food
  • Stainless steel hinge
  • Replacement natural rubber ring available
  • Dishwasher safe but best to hand wash
  • No parts that will rust

Approx. jar dimensions (with the lid in the closed position):

  • 284 mm height
  • 138 mm diameter at widest point (hinges stick out a little wider)

These jars are available to purchase singly or as a full tray of 3x 3 L jars. All full tray purchases have a bulk discount applied (as per the pricing shown). 

As distributors of the Le Parfait range in New Zealand, please get in touch if you are a business interested in stocking Le Parfait.

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