Roast Figs, Sugar Snow: Food to warm the soul (Diana Henry)


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An instant classic when it was published 20 years ago, Roast Figs, Sugar Snow remains the quintessential book on the magic of cold weather cooking. With recipes gathered from travels to Scandinavia, the French and Italian Alps, Scotland, Ireland and New England, this is irresistible food you'll cook over and over again. Choose Alpine dishes of melted cheese, autumnal pies and substantial winter salads; pastries from the Viennese coffee houses; festive snow biscuits or - closer to home - Diana Henry's definitive recipe for warming Irish stew.

Diana writes evocatively about both place and food, making it a book well worth reading, as well as cooking from.  This revised and expanded edition includes eight new recipes and new forewords from Diana Henry and Nigel Slater.

This book has beautiful photography throughout and Diana's charming writing style. The recipes are organised as follows:

  • ripe and ready - cheese
  • gathering in - chestnuts, hazelnuts, walnut and pecans
  • earthly pleasures - pumpkins, squash, beans and lentils
  • field days - winter vegetables
  • tales from the hunt - game and wild mushrooms
  • the fat of the land - pork
  • of wood and smoke - smoked food
  • apples in the attic - apples, pears and quinces
  • the colour purple - plums, damsons and figs
  • winter on your tongue - herbs, spices and soured cream
  • from hedgerow and bog - cranberries, blackberries, sloes and rosehips
  • sugar snow - maple syrup

A selection of recipes to look forward to:

  • Georgian cheese pies
  • Swedish Thursday soup with split peas and ham
  • Pumpkin tarts with spinach and gorgonzola
  • Vermont baked beans
  • Roast pork with black pudding, apple and mustard sauce
  • Melting leg of lamb with juniper
  • Swedish meatballs with cranberry sauce
  • Snow biscuits
  • Hazelnut, espresso and chocolate shortbread
  • Chocolate, blackberry and rosemary brownies

Title: Roast Figs, Sugar Snow

Author: Diana Henry

Publisher: Octopus Books

ISBN: 978-1-78325-570-2

Format: Hardback

Length: 208 pages

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