The Food in Jars Kitchen (Marisa McClellan)


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The Food in Jars Kitchen offers 140 inspiring and adaptable recipes so you can use up the preserves in your pantry.

Marisa McClellan has spent years assuring readers that a pantry full of homemade jams, jellies, salsas, and pickles can do a whole lot more than accompany toast and crackers. They can add bold bursts of flavour to your home cooking! In The Food in Jars Kitchen, she provides recipes for incorporating preserves into everyday dishes. A homemade pantry is a gateway to easy, flavourful home cooking and entertaining, and offers burst of concentrated flavour into dishes throughout the day.

Recipes include: Jam-Filled Biscuits, Preserved Lemon Hummus, Strawberry Basil Pizza, Jam-Lacquered Chicken Wings, Lemon Curd and Blueberry Tart, Pantry Sangria.

With chapters focusing on great ways to use preserves throughout the day and for every meal, readers aren't required to have a specific preserve on hand to work, making this cookbook flexible and easy to use for both experienced and novice canners.

As one of the most beloved voices in canning and preserving, Marisa serves as a kitchen muse to help readers put all those jars to work in everyday dishes that feel elevated. The Food in Jars Kitchen is a book to reach for again and again, for inspired, delicious eats. 

Marisa McClellan is a full time food writer and cooking teacher, and has been blogging about canning, pickling, and preserving on her blog Food in Jars (three times nominated by Saveur magazine for a Best Food Blog award) since 2009. She has published three books about canning, including the bestselling Food in Jars. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband.

Title: The Food in Jars Kitchen - 140 Ways to Cook, Bake, Plate and Share your Homemade Pantry

Author: Marisa McClellan

Publisher: Running Press

ISBN: 978-0-7624-9246-6

Format: Hardback

Length: 236 pages

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