Weck Rubber Ring Seals


Ring size

Weck Rubber Ring Seals are required for all jars when used for home canning. You can also use them, along with the clips, to provide an airtight seal when using as storage jars.

The rubber rings are available in 4 sizes:

  • Extra small (XS) - all jars with Rundrand Glas 40 on the lid
  • Small (S) - all jars with Rundrand Glas 60 on the lid
  • Medium (M) - all jars with Rundrand Glas 80 on the lid
  • Large (L) - all jars with Rundrand Glas 100 on the lid
  • Extra large (XL) - all jars with Rundrand Glas 120 on the lid

Approximate rubber ring dimensions (inner diameter / outer diameter):

  • Extra small (XS) - 
  • Small (S) - 53/68
  • Medium (M) - 71/88
  • Large (L) - 92/108
  • Extra large (XL) - 108/128

Important notes:

  • Always use a new rubber ring for each batch of processing
  • Carefully check rings before processing to ensure there aren't any cracks (you can check this by holding the ring in your hands and tugging them lightly whilst turning them)

All Weck rubber seals are available singly so you can purchase exactly what you need.

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