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*** PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high demand for Ball mason jars in the US, the manufacturer is focussed solely on manufacturing its core range of jars. They are also prioritising supply of Ball products to within the US. We are not expecting any additional supply of Ball products for the rest of 2022. ***

The Ball Fresh Preserving Kit is the perfect option if you are starting out on your home canning journey. Or, if you are seasoned home canner but need a big pot with good heat distribution, then this is a great choice. 

This starter kit includes:

  • 20L (21 quart) pot with lid. The enamel coated steel base in non-porous for easy cleaning and will not react with foods.
  • Chrome plated canning rack with lifter
  • Jar lifter for removing jars safely
  • Jar funnel
  • Spatula which can be used to help release bubbles and also to measure the headspace

The large, 20L pot will hold up to 7x quart sized jars making it perfect when preserving large batches.

Pot dimensions:

  • 22.5 cm high from top of rack to lid
  • 30 cm working diameter (within rack)

Please note:

  • The rack should not be left wet for extended periods of time as it will rust. Ensure you thoroughly dry it after each use.
  • Not compatible with glass  stove tops.

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