Stewed rhubarb and orange recipe

Stewed Rhubarb & Orange Recipe

by Kylie Foster December 29, 2019

This stewed rhubarb and orange recipe is a great way to use up excess rhubarb in your garden. The orange zest and juice adds an extra flavour dimension along with added sweetness. This canning / home preserving recipe provides full instructions and makes 3x pint sized jars. Beautiful for eating on its own, with breakfast or dessert, or use in baking.

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Strawberry Jam Recipe - Reduced Sugar and No Pectin NZ

Strawberry Jam Recipe (Reduced Sugar and No Pectin)

by Kylie Foster December 01, 2019

This beautiful strawberry jam recipe doesn't contain pectin so it is more like a traditional style but with a lot less sugar. The reduced sugar allows the strawberry flavour to really shine. It's delicious! Step-by-step instructions included.

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Bottled Grapefruit Juice Recipe NZ

Bottled Grapefruit Juice

by Kylie Foster September 09, 2019

This bottled grapefruit juice recipe will use up lots of your excess grapefruit and provide you with a delicious mixer for summer drinks. Heat processing instructions are provided so your juice will be shelf stable for the next 12 months. Perfect served with fizzy water, ice and a sprig of mint on a hot summers day.

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Stewed rhubarb and apple recipe sweetened with honey

Stewed Rhubarb & Apple Recipe (Sweetened with Honey)

by Kylie Foster August 09, 2019

Looking for the perfect stewed rhubarb recipe? Our home preserved rhubarb and apple has been sweetened with honey and is delicious on it's own, as a crumble or served with yoghurt or ice-cream. This stewed rhubarb can be kept in your pantry for up to 12 months. Full recipe and instructions provided. Enjoy!

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Stewed apple recipe with no added sugar

Easy Stewed Apple Recipe (no added sugar)

by Kylie Foster August 04, 2019

This stewed apple recipe is perfect for getting started with preserving food! This recipe has lots of flavour with added cinnamon and nutmeg for some extra spice. but without any added sugar. Instructions for both home canning and freezing are included.

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